It's a show with every episode having varied fun filled stories that will culminate at the end of each episode. The constant in these episodes will be Chhoti Anandi and the lovable characters that make up her world. Leading the pack here is of course Chhoti Anandi whose mischievous, natkhat manner and high moral fiber form the backbone of this world along with her pack of Chote Sipahi that consists of Phuli, Champa, Nattu and Chiku. Through every adventure, Anandi challenges authority and her community's regressive norms in her own unique, innocent and playful manner, leaving us with a message that compels us to think. As tales of Anandi and her pack's mischief travel through the desert sand they are brought to us in the show Chhoti Anandi. Every story carries a message at the end staying in sync with the original show and relevant to the subject of each story. The stories revolve around solving village problems, sometimes simple, at times more complicated, helping the people of her village, busting wrong doers and being a role model for girls everywhere. All this while always keeping in mind the "heart" of the story which will be brought out through strong emotions and bonds between the characters.