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“Pandya Store” is a story of a very respectful family based in Somnath, Gujarat. Dashrath Prasad and Kaushalya Devi are the proud parents of four sons. ‘Pandya Store – A highly renowned store in Somnath’ has been in business for the last 70 years and Dashrath makes sure that everything is handled efficiently. Not only is Dashrath a well accomplished businessman but also has a helping nature. This selfless nature backfired, when his own brother-in-law (Jagat) and his sister-in- law (Prafulla) took advantage of his kindness. Without an iota of doubt he stood as a guarantor for a huge loan, in order to help Jagat setup his business of rice mills. Unfortunately when it was time to repaying the debt, the sister-in-law (Prafulla) played a huge emotional card and sent him back empty handed. Dashrath was financially unable to pay off the loan. Dashrath could not bear the thought of losing everything he had accomplished and succumbed to the pressure and passed away. Meanwhile Kaushalya Devi, went into a state of shock and suffered a paralytic stroke, becoming completely dependent and bedridden.

Gautam, the eldest, rose up to the situation and took the responsibility of caring for the family, along with his better half, Dhara. Together they cared for the mother as well as raised the 3 younger siblings. Dhara believed that they will have a better tomorrow soon, where the family will overcome the current financial crises and the boys will be stable. With each other’s support, Gautam and Dhara, together bring the family out of all the miseries and debts thus setting a strong base for a family saga.

In this family saga, every character has his/her own journey and story which will be explored throughout the show, adding a large canvas to the narrative of the story and making every character stand out in their own dynamics.

The show is the sweet and sour journey of friendship, bonding, love and conflicts within the family, their inter-personal relations, where they hold on to each other in every situation and circumstance and come out strong as family.