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Tech Facilities

Our world-class infrastructure has made it possible for us to set records and win awards, including the 2016 FICCI BAF Award for Chhoti Anandi.

Studios in Mumbai
& Hyderabad

One houses senior writers and creative talent; the other seats over a hundred artists.

Toon Boom
Harmony Connection

A connection that has made our animation smoother and more time-efficient.

The much-loved animated spin-off of the acclaimed Balika Vadhu
The adventures of an adorable octogenarian who has been hogging Nickelodeon India's air time
Mey Mey
A hilarious FICCI-nominated laugh about a docile lion and a clever goat.


Anish Patel
Business Head
Content Development

A graduate from the University of California (Film & Digital Media Major), is a filmmaker, writer, animator and editor who has worked on various televisions shows and films as writer, creative director and show runner. He's also worked on various international animated projects for studios in North America over past 6 years.

Neel Lukkani
Technical Director

An inventive thinker and a technical wizard that keeps a toon-tank pumping and alive. Neel brings with himself 15 years of diversified experience from traditional animation, game programming to mastering the trends and bends of digital 2D animation, VFX, CG and Gaming.

Shikha Vij
Creative Director

With 15 years of experience in content creation, Shikha plays a leadership role to develop and manage content and has set up more than 20 shows for popular Indian GEC & digital platform. She collaborates with the team of writers to develop content that is engaging and entertaining.

Carmen Zainabadi
Senior Writer

A yarn spinner,a tale teller and a witty narrator, Carmen writes for film, TV and web. With a Master in English Literature, she has worked on various film scripts as a screenwriter, story reviewer and story editor on numerous animated television shows including a CG-VFX driven fantasy film.

Sunnjana. S
Associate Producer

Sunnjana has a Bachelor's degree with double majors in Business Finance & Real Estate with a minor in accounting from the University of San Diego, US. On behalf of the studio, she acts as a liaison between the producer, the technical and creative team.