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It is a story of a young aristocrat Saraswatichandra who lives abroad and is engaged to be married to Kumudsundari. The brilliant scholar is a barrister by qualification and has a dazzling career to look forward to. Kumud is an educated girl from a rich Gujarati Brahmin family. Subsequent to their engagement, they exchange letters and fall in love without having seen each other; he, charmed with Kumud's tenderness and similar likes and she, taken in by his vast knowledge and excellent qualities. A family feud takes place which triggers a series of misunderstandings. This shatters Saras who disowns his father and renounceshis home and wealth. He also leaves young Kumud in the lurch because he believes that since he is no longer the son of a rich man, he will not be able to support her and is therefore unworthy to be her husband. To save her family’s reputation, Kumud agrees to get married to a rich but illiterate suitor who is an alcoholic and disdains her for nautch girls. Separated on the clause of traditions and destiny, life keeps bringing them together again.Saras witnesses her anguished life and tries to reach out to her whereas Kumud still hangs on to the hope that she might change her husband into a better person. The show highlights the story of lovers who are bound by their beliefs and depicts the clash in ideologies of the extended family. Showcased simultaneously on Star Plus as well as Doordarshan, it is also dubbed in Malayalam as "Swayamvaram".