Every story has a crime. They are all simple and therefore, the toughest to crack! The crimes in this world are all about human greed and deceit and innocent lives are always at stake. They all have a story and in every story is a crime, a criminal and a victim.

A private detective, “DON” is someone with great insight and intelligence, who solves crimes and sees the worlds differently. He is well educated, fashionable, well to do and obviously successful. He very easily dawns different roles as a commoner ‐ an auto‐ rickshaw driver, a plumber, a bus conductor, an usher, a waiter, a peon... that is because he is someone who came to Mumbai to make a life for himself and went through such a grind before finding his true calling. His mission is to solve crimes ‐ Crimes that are not of nation‐threatening proportions, but crimes that would otherwise remain unsolved inside closed files. He has no special affinity for the downtrodden and he is no messiah looking to help society at large. No matter who the victim is, it is an obsession for him to be at the case till the crime is solved. With pitfalls of predictability and the surprises springing out of the fallacies of human nature, our Private Detective believes –‘nothing is ever what it seems to be!’.

D.O.N ‘Detective Omkar Nath’ went on air during the first week of February (2006) and drew a large number of audiences on STAR ONE and STAR PLUS.