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Gangaa, the protagonist of the show, is a fiery young girl with an amazing zest for life. She is a spirited soul and has the will to survive. Being a motherless child, Gangaa is portrayed as a strong-willed girl with a high sense of self-confidence and self-esteem. Her attitude is just like River Ganges that flows unrestricted despite in-numerous obstacles. It is this survivalinstinct that makes her an extraordinary kid. She loses her husband and her father in a stampede on the bank of the river at a very young age. Her rescuer was the aristocratic, Niranjan Chaturvedi, a Barrister in Banaras Sessions Court who became a father figure to Gangaa. He is famous for his sense of justice and maintains a balanced view of the world. Though he is progressive and has a modern approach towards life, he still lives in the shadow of his mother Kanta Dadi who is very orthodox. She is a widow steeped in the traditions of the yesteryears. Being from the old school of thought, she holds traditional values very dear to her heart and gets upset when someone tries to challenge them. She disapproves of Gangaa and despises the free spirit of the child widow, as it mocks her own compromised identity. The story explores how the world perceives this child widow, who is strong-minded with an undying spirit. She will be seen questioning age-old customs of society and her struggle for survival makes for an endearing and poignant story. The show is about her fight against society to live her life happily, opposing all the restrictions put on her as a widow. This gripping and beautifully narrated tale of Gangaa and her journey makes its way into the viewers’ hearts with innocence, enthusiasm and the zest to live life to the fullest. Gangaa’s character personifies the face of New Age India – aspirational and resilient.