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A middle class family girl who started working since the age of 16 as her father fell ill and never regained full health. Jyoti worked in an orphanage to support her parents and younger siblings. Her mother makes sure that all the marriage proposals are rejected as she didn't want to lose her golden goose and the sole earning member of the family. It seems as if life is always in search of an opportunity to put her down, but through all the trials Jyoti moves forward with her undying positive attitude and continues to light up people’s lives. She stands up against emotional blackmail, defends victims of domestic violence, goes through a divorce, fights to get her child back and in her role as a traditional woman empowered, is a symbol of ‘women empowerment’ for a lot of the show’s viewers. The show had tied up with Bell Bajao Campaign (Ring the Bell!) to bring domestic violence to a halt. The campaign had reached 124 million people to spread awareness on this issue and speak up against this social evil.