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Mansi and Shivani are best friends, one submissive, the other aggressive. They both have completely different views on marriage. Mansi’s middle class background has trained her to always live by the rule book. She believes that girls are home-makers, so their role in life is to get married, bear children and make a happy home by keeping the family together. She totally believes that when it comes to choosing a life-partner parents always know the best. On the other side, Shivani is very boisterous and blissfully unawareof her feminity. She believes that love is the only reason why two people should marry and is totally against the concept of arranged marriage. The story explores the issue of love marriages versus arranged marriages through the lives of these two young women as we follow their debate, eventual weddings and married life. A marriage in India is not just between two people but two families. Going through the ups and downs of life after marriage many ties may break, while many special bonds are formed. Through this show we convey the message that whether love or arranged, marriage is an everyday partnership; sometimes you need to arrange the love, at other times you have to love the arrangement. The story explores the debate on love marriage and arranged marriage without any prejudice and portrays that marriage, whether love or arranged, is based on empathy, responsibility, commitment, love and caring and that it needs a lot of dedication and effort to sustain a marriage.