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Shanti Devi is a dictorial member of the Shrivastav family. Being the matriarch of the family she is extremely autocratic and believes that everyone should follow her set rules and regulations. She rules her entire family by controlling the household finances and dominates her daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Her obedient son Raghav idolizes and blindly trusts her. Shanti Devi is biased towards her daughter Sarla and her family. Sarla is a drama queen and like her mother is always shedding crocodile tears to gain sympathy of Raghav for financial support. Though he loves his wife Kaushalya immensely, he believes that his mother’s dominance is for the welfare of the family and giving undue liberty to the children is not right. Shanti Devi’s grandson, Shivam is ambitious, smart, focused but impulsive. He understands his grandmother’s game plan and has deep angst against her authority. He feels suffocated in her presence and his parents silence his resistance. The drama begins when Riya Mathur enters Shivam’s life. Riya is a happy, compassionate, intelligent working girl who has been brought up in an independent set up. When she enters the Shrivastav house as Shivam’s wife, Riya clashes with Shanti Devi, who epitomizes old world ideology & is not open to change. On the other hand, Riya believes that old can co-exist with new and questions the need to hold on to values, which are redundant. Riya’s beliefs are tested with time but her determination helps her sail through. An independent girl who questions the norms of a matriarchal joint family set–up, Riya empowers each member with freedom & responsibility. She takes it as a challenge to bring in small changes through fresh vision and makes the family realize that change is inevitable and adjusting to it is a wise choice. An epic story of a traditional joint family in India, which undergoes a massive change in its structure and belief, relevant in today’s time.