Three half-siblings, whose parents had struggled through intense and intertwined relationships with each other, are on the threshold of love and life, as adults. Mishti, Pari and Ansh have worked really hard in the last fifteen years to be a family. Though different from each other, they love each other in equal measure-and clash when they don’t agree. They are now living with their grandmother Radhika, after their parents are no more and like several youngsters of today, look forward to making a success of their own start up and finding true love. They work towards wanting a future, where they can find love and security,that they can dream of, for a happy tomorrow. But the entry of Ruhaan triggers a lot of angst in their present. While the responsible planner Mishti shockingly finds herself almost swept away by her feelings of love, the approval seeking Pari also wrestles with dilemmas of love, as she battles her commitment phobia and fear of losing all those whom she loves.