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Manjari is a playful, carefree, young woman who is swept off her feet by the wrong man. Smitten by love, she is headstrong and self willed in giving in to this feeling, but regrets this deeply later. However, the realization comes a little too late, her parents’ dignity, their trust, and her sister’s dreams crumble away, as she realizes how much her impulsive and innocently myopic decisions affected everyone’s life. She learns the hard way how every individual’s dreams, desires and actions are integrated in a societal mesh and she reaches a juncture where tremendous courage and strength are needed to amend all that has gone wrong in her life. She then transforms herself to be a giver and forgiver. Set in Agra, Yeh Ishq Haaye embodies contemporary society emerging in small towns of India today and at the same time professes the traditional family and human values.